Free! Petanko Strap Set 3


Look at these cuties!Free! Petanko

Made by Penguin Parade Free! already gets a third Petanko set!

Release and price are still unknown but these will come in a box of ten and by purchasing a box you will get the whole set^^

Set 1 and 2 release in April and May so we shouldn’t have to wait long for these to follow the others!

Feel Free! to comment 😉 See you  again soon and thanks for reading!


Dramatical Murder Plushes


So today just a bit more that an hour ago the DMMd plushes went up for order. And man,it was a drama! Luckily due to my F5 skills I was able to order everyone but it seems not everyone was so lucky…

Clear,Aoba and Noiz apparently sold out in just 2 minutes! So a lot of people didn’t get an order in!

If you were unlucky don’t give up! I’m sure GIFT will sell them in the future again!

Psycho-Pass Figures by Union Creative


The figure manufacturer Union Creative International Ltd has just announced Psycho-Pass figures!

We will get Akane,Kougami and Makishima! Although I must say I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t announce Ginoza! I need him!!! And Kougami needs him too!!!

Until now Akane got a Nendoroid which released last August and Megahouse announced a Kougami GEM last year they haven’t shown the prototype of yet.

I hope for more information at WonFes and hope to see a company making a Ginoza scale too!Akane Kougami Makishima

Dramatical Murder Plushes Re-release

Dramatical Murder Plushes


Today I’m bringing  Dramatical Murder fans some great news! GIFT,the manufaturer of the hard-to-come-by and really expensive DMMd plushes will once again open orders for them!

All plushes which have been released with the exception of Aoba will be available for order at th GIFT online shop. That on the other side means that you will need a proxy to order these as GIFT doesn’t ship overseas!

Available Characters: Noiz,Koujaku,Clear,Mink,Virus Trip plushes

Price 3150 Yen

Aoba Plush Strap

Price 2100 Yen

Date: 31st of January from 6pm Japan Standard Time

Shipping Date: Late February

I stronly recommend on contacting your proxy of trust soon as these are really popular! See you again soon^^