More and more Nendoroids!

How have you all been? A lot has happened since WonFes!
Today I’m showing you all the Nendoroids that have gone up for preorder since! 

Let’s start with some Love Live!

First of all we have the new Nendoroid Petit set featuring all our favourite girls in their Angelic Angel outfits from the movie!


They are out in January 🙂

Next we got the Kotori Training Outfit Vers. Nendoroid!


After Honoka and Umi she is the third one to join the line-up!
She is out in December and the second-years are complete with her^^

Bundled with Attack on Titan volume 18 comes this cute Eren Petit Nendoroid!


Volume 18 is out in November so make sure not to miss out on the preorders!

Next we got Hinata and Kageyama in their training outfits!


They will be available at the Haikyu-Festival in August first and at a later date at the Good Smile Company online shop,a must-get for me💕

And this cutie is also finally out for preorder!


I waited for him a long time!

And we got these cuties as well




All of them are still available for preorder at this time or will be soon so if you haven’t already get in your orders quickly!

I will see you again next Friday with more Nendoroid news!


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