New flood of plushes from Gift!

This Friday was the first day of Comiket and as usual Gift bombarded us with tons of samples and announcements!

And I think it’s fair to say that they tend to female fans mainly! And ladies we will spend a lot of cash in the next few months!

First we have a line of Gothic version plushes of the main characters of Nitro+Chiral’s BL games!


They sure look awesome and I definitely gonna get Aoba! Aoba also get’s another plush strap 💕


Next we got Hozuki plushes^^


And we will also get another pair of Izaya and Shizuo plushes!


And as expected Gift also announced UtaPri Revolutions plushes!


As usual Gift will probably release all of these cuties later this year as they work fast >< So get your wallets and proxies ready as only some will get standard releases!

Have a nice weekend! I will see you next week^^


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