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Hi! Ich bin ein großer Anime und Manga Fan und werde diesen Blog nutzen,um Conberichte und Reviews zu schreiben. Später werde ich euch auch mit Neuigkeiten über meinen Alltag in Japan versorgen^^

New flood of plushes from Gift!

This Friday was the first day of Comiket and as usual Gift bombarded us with tons of samples and announcements!

And I think it’s fair to say that they tend to female fans mainly! And ladies we will spend a lot of cash in the next few months!

First we have a line of Gothic version plushes of the main characters of Nitro+Chiral’s BL games!


They sure look awesome and I definitely gonna get Aoba! Aoba also get’s another plush strap 💕


Next we got Hozuki plushes^^


And we will also get another pair of Izaya and Shizuo plushes!


And as expected Gift also announced UtaPri Revolutions plushes!


As usual Gift will probably release all of these cuties later this year as they work fast >< So get your wallets and proxies ready as only some will get standard releases!

Have a nice weekend! I will see you next week^^


More and more Nendoroids!

How have you all been? A lot has happened since WonFes!
Today I’m showing you all the Nendoroids that have gone up for preorder since! 

Let’s start with some Love Live!

First of all we have the new Nendoroid Petit set featuring all our favourite girls in their Angelic Angel outfits from the movie!


They are out in January 🙂

Next we got the Kotori Training Outfit Vers. Nendoroid!


After Honoka and Umi she is the third one to join the line-up!
She is out in December and the second-years are complete with her^^

Bundled with Attack on Titan volume 18 comes this cute Eren Petit Nendoroid!


Volume 18 is out in November so make sure not to miss out on the preorders!

Next we got Hinata and Kageyama in their training outfits!


They will be available at the Haikyu-Festival in August first and at a later date at the Good Smile Company online shop,a must-get for me💕

And this cutie is also finally out for preorder!


I waited for him a long time!

And we got these cuties as well




All of them are still available for preorder at this time or will be soon so if you haven’t already get in your orders quickly!

I will see you again next Friday with more Nendoroid news!



How have you been? I managed to preorder the N Nendoroid which you can find in one if my last blog posts^^

Here I am with some more Nendoroids!

First of all we have  Nothern Princess from Kantai Collection joining the Nendoroid line-up!


She will be up for preorder on Friday!
She will release in December but we don’t have a price yet.

And then we have a nice prototype pic for GSCs upcoming Koujaku Nendoroid!


I really hope he is painted by WonFes!
As a matter of fact Native also teased the illustration for their 18+ Aoba figure a few days ago!


And then lastly my WonFes items arrived today!


I will post some pics of my Snow Miku and Re-Class later after I unboxed them^^

And then we have WonFes this Sunday!!! I’m so excited already!!!

So I guess I will do my next post on Sunday afternoon and spoil a lot of new figures and prototypes^^

See you then!

Nendoroid News


Today I’m bringing you some awesome Nendoroid news😄


The new Miku Nendoroid will go up for preorder on Monday!


She will be exclusive to GSCs online shop and will sell out quickly for sure so make sure to order on time!

Next we have another Pokemon Nendoroid!


It’s N! Of course,similar to the other two he is exclusive to the Pokemon Center in Japan! So you need to order via a proxy or preorder at Amazon and use a forwarding address cause they only ship within Japan!
Preorder will open on July 25th! And although he got an order period I’m sure orders on Amazon will close quickly like they did with the Red Nendoroid last year! He is priced at 5000 Yen plus tax and will be released November 28th ☺

And last we got a prototype picture for GSCs upcoming Oikawa Nendoroid and at the same time an announcement for new Hinata and Kageyama Nendoroids in their training outfits^^


A good day for Nendoroid collectord ! Although my wallet can already feel the damage lol!

See you again next time!

I am back!!!!


How have you all been? The last year was quite turbulent for me and I apologize for being gone so long!

So I got a few things planned for this year^^ First thing is later this month,the AnimagiC in Bonn! My 8th one already(I’m starting to feel old lol)

A month after that probably Connichi but  am not sure yet…

In any case look forward for more updates over the next few days!

Nendoroid Aoba Seragaki Good Smile Company

A hello in the evening!

So I’ve been waiting for months for this particular Nendoroid!!!

It’s none other than Aoba Seragaki from the BL Visual Novel and soon to be Anime Dramatical Murder!!

Aoba Nendoroid

Isn’t he a cutie? He comes with Ren and several nice extras like a bluhing face^^

Aoba Nendo blush


And the probably biggest surprise is this nice feature!

Aoba Nendo naked

Yes,you see right! We will be able to display him topless!!!!

Considering for how much his scale is going at the moment this Nendoroid is the chance for every DMMd fangirl to add an Aoba figure to your collection!

Release Date: September 2014

Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

Price: 3889 Yen(without tax)