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Dramatical Murder Chiral Night Tapestries


I’m still working on my WonFes posts,sorry. Today I’m gonna bring you some other news first. Nitroplus is releasing tapestries with the Aoba illustrations they made for Chiral Night in July last year!

Aoba 1Aoba 2

They look awesome! I myself ordered the dark one via a proxy. The tapestries are sadly exclusive to Nitroplus‘ online shop so you will either need to use a proxy or forwarding service!

Here are the links:

They are priced at 3150 Yen each and will be shipped out from the 10th of March!


First WonFes Teasers Kotobukiya

So Kotobukiya was the first to spoil a bit on what to expect from them at WonFes. So far they announced a Saber Extra scale figure as well as a Senjougahara Hitagi scale figure.

Apart from that they tweeted a pics of painted prootypes,we will get to see their Asuna „Titania Ver.“ scale painted!! And they also tweeted that we would see Eren Yeagers‘ prototype at WonFes after a 7 month wait!

Megahouse Preorders February


So Megahouse tweeted when their preorders will go up last week.

The new One Piece Marco POP will go up for preorder on the 5th at 6pm,Japan Standard Time. If you don’t wanna miss out on him I would recommend to ready your browser in advance as POPs tend to sell out within a few minutes.

On the next day the new Gintama GEM will go up as well as the Sailor Moon Puchi sets! Yes,sets as Megahouse surprised us with a rerelease announcement for the first set today! So if you missed out on the Inner Senshi you will be able to order them along with the Outer Senshi!

And another reminder: GSCs Nadeko Nendoroid will be up for PO tomorrow!

Free! Petanko Strap Set 3


Look at these cuties!Free! Petanko

Made by Penguin Parade Free! already gets a third Petanko set!

Release and price are still unknown but these will come in a box of ten and by purchasing a box you will get the whole set^^

Set 1 and 2 release in April and May so we shouldn’t have to wait long for these to follow the others!

Feel Free! to comment 😉 See you  again soon and thanks for reading!