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Packages 2


So my Lucky Bag from Amiami,the Shingeki Pick-Tam! straps and the Gacha package from HLJ arrived this week and I’m planning on doing a blog post about the loot tomorrow/Tuesday.

Still on his way to me is Kuroko as well as a Haruka (Free!) strap and the Mikasa Ackerman Nendoroid and the two unregistered Amiami packages I mentioned in my first „Packages“ blog.

I’m also waiting for Amiami to ship my Free! Color Colle and my One Piece Vivi POP. Nippon Yasan should ship my Sailor Moon Petits by Megahouse soon too as well as HLJ my Shingeki Swings. And finally Big in Japan my Kyouko RAH.

A lot of packages which are coming in and are about to be shipped!


Packages 1

So from now on I’ll be posting what I’m currently expecting to arrive in the next few weeks!

At the moment I’m expecting 6 packages,yes 6!

One is from Hobbylink Jaan and contains some Kurobas and Free! Gacha. One is from CdJapanwhich contains a box of Shingeki Pick-Tam straps from GoodSmile. And then we have 4 packages from Amiami where I order most of my figures.

In the first are some di:stages for the Shingeki figmas I’ll receive in the next few months,I’m gonna customize these^^ In the second package is some small stuff and the 5th Free! Blu-Ray. In the third is the Amiami lucky grab bag for girls I managed to order(was only 2000 Yen and included are goods worth more than 10000 Yen).

Last but not least is my Kuroko by Megahouse! I’m most excited for him since he turned out stunningly. I’m planning on doing a review for him later^^

And I’m sure Amiami will invoice me for some other items in the coming week too!

Well,I’m gonna update when I receive any of the packages,see you later!