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Shops : HobbyLink Japan


So I thought I was gonna start my series of shop „reviews“ with HobbyLink Japan or short „HLJ“.

In this series of blog posts I’ll be taking a look at the various shops you can order at and  try to help you decide which shop is best for you!

So let’s get to it^^

HLJ is a very good shop for the „Undecided“ as they allow cancellations until they invoice you. So if you are not sure if you will be able to afford an item you can just preorder it at HLJ and cancel in case you notice you won’t be able to get it.

But this comes with a price,out of all shops HLJ is the one with the lowest discounts! They only give 5-10% depending on the item(they sometimes give more but you will notice it’s still low in comparison with other shops).

Let’s get to the ordering/payment/shipping process.

When you order an item they give you the choice between „Ship when available“ and „Private Warehouse“.

So  „Ship when available“ is probably the best option for you if you don’t order a lot. They will send you an invoice with shipping included when the item gets in-stock.

The „Private Warehouse“ option on the other hand is really convenient if you order more and want to save on shipping. The option allows you to store paid items up until 60 days and combine them however you like for shipping! That is an awesome thing if you are away for some time so you can just let your order sit in the Warehouse until you get back home. It also allows you to dodge customs by making a lot of separate shipments. It’s a real life-saver sometimes,believe me!


You can pay by Paypal or credit card. Items should be paid within 3 days of receiving the invoice.However,they will send you a reminder in case you forget. If you got trouble paying for an order you can contact them too.


HLJ offers three shipping methods: Unregistered SAL,EMS and FedEx. Their shipping prices are okay. For reference,an unregistered SAL shipment usually takes 3 weeks to arrive at my place.

In my experience they are extremly pleasant to deal with! Definitely a good shop to buy at!