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First WonFes Teasers Kotobukiya

So Kotobukiya was the first to spoil a bit on what to expect from them at WonFes. So far they announced a Saber Extra scale figure as well as a Senjougahara Hitagi scale figure.

Apart from that they tweeted a pics of painted prootypes,we will get to see their Asuna „Titania Ver.“ scale painted!! And they also tweeted that we would see Eren Yeagers‘ prototype at WonFes after a 7 month wait!


Psycho-Pass Figures by Union Creative

Today we got some first pictures of the Psycho-Pass figure prototypes by Union Creative!

Kougami 1kougami 2Makishima Akane

Except Makishima who is too skinny (I hope they fix that) they are looking really good so far! I expect more pictures on Sunday as WonFes is on that day!

Countdown Winter WonFes 2014

Today in one week is the Winter WonFes 2014! For the ones who are new to this hobby or never heard of it before:

WonFes is THE event for figures and garage kits! I would say all figure manufacturers participate as well as a lot of garage kit circles!

So on Feb 9th is the winter WonFes,yes there are two every year,one in February and one in July! Get ready for a whole lot of prototypes and new figure announcements!!! Because on this day we will get so many!!!

I’m planning on doing a WonFes report blog with all new announced figures as well as new prototypes. I guess I’ll be dividing the posts by manufacturer though as there will be a lot to write about!

Are you excited too? Because I am so excited for it!!! I’ll be posting my wishlist someday this week^^ Feel free to comment on what you expect or want from WonFes this year!