Free! Season 2

So some big news that don not really come as a surprise to me if I’m honest XD One of my absolute favourite series Free! is going to get a season 2! Officially confimed at the talk event today^^ We saw it coming though!Free season 2 announcement Feel Free to comment^^


Benten Zone 00 by Max Factory

So here we have my first official blog post!

Tonight I’m taking a look at Benten from the manga series Zone 00 by Max Fatory!

I must say from the pics on Kahotans‘ blog Max Factory have outdone themselves with this one!Benten

He just looks stunning by all standards! But that sadly also comes with a huge 25000 Yen price-tag!

A postcard will be included as a first release bonus.

And if you order at GSC directly you will also get a B3-sized poster!

Luckily for me I’ll get him as a B-day present^^

For more pics see his official product page:

And check out Kahotans‘ blog!

You can preorder him at stores like Amiami,Big in Japan,Hobby Search,Hobbylink Japan,Nippon-Yasan,at the Good Smile Company online shop and soon at your local retailers too!

If you don’t want too miss out on him and got enough cash go preorder him because once he is sold out he is likely to get even more expensive!



Welcome to my first blog post! From now on I’ll be blogging about something I’m absolutely passionate about: figures! I will not only blog solemnly about figures but about anime,manga and merchandise as well as conventions I’m going to in the future!

Let’s start with a bit of self-introduction: I’m a 23-year old total crazy fujoshi and Japanese Studies student currently located in Germany after living in Japan for two years.

The anime series I’m obsessed with at the moment are Attack on Titan and Free! which doesn’t mean I don’t like other anime as well. My all-time favourite being Evangelion!

In the manga department I’m currently reading Naruto,One Piece(I’m behind on this one) and a lot of Yaoi manga my favourite being Viewfinder or Finder by Yamane Ayano-sensei.

In the games section I only play Dramatical Murder,short DMMd at the moment^^

In the future I’ll write blog entries about figures I’ve taken an interest in,sum up what figures went up for preorder during the week,show off the weekly additions to my collection and will also do reviews! So stay tuned for more soon!